Mayowa Alabi explores the facets of Lagos in a new documentary

It’s complicated capturing everyday life in one of the busiest cities in the world, but it always needs to be done. The city of Lagos like any other metropolis is a massive blend of various cultures, personalities and experiences all working together to entertain, confuse or shock. In an Visual Ode to Lagos, Mayowa Alabi takes us through your day in Lagos, capturing everyone from your food sellers to bus conductors to Street Urchins (Agberos) to night crawlers.

Here’s the video below:

Here’s what Mayowa has to say about the project

“Hello Lagos is a short video series i’m kicking off that’ll see me try and capture everything i love about Lagos, and layer it over my favourite songs. The idea came off an initial project called ‘we move’ where i did something similar, but the videos were only limited to a minute.

This is the first in the series, and in this video i tried to capture the ‘sise in the morning and saye at night’ lifestyle of your average Lagosian on a Friday/Weekend. In this video you see the flow as I move from people working hard, to the beach and then to a music show to relax after a long day.

The entire video was shot with my DSLR & phone, and it features appearances from friends, Bolly Lomo, afropolitan vibes, Simi, Adebantu & the best Lagos has to offer.”


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