We do not have to wear a cape to be super humans – Clare Idera

Clare Idera is a creative entrepreneur with an educational background in archetype and fashion design. She recently completed a Masters program at Kingston University, London and Published College Lagos. In 2016, she was nominated for a future awards Africa prize for Arts and Culture. She is also the winner of the Apprentice Project Bizboard for starting her workshop. She had been featured on the cover of Cedar magazine and I’m several newspaper articles, a book publication and has worked with clients like Hugo Boss

Claire Idera 01Claire Idera 02Claire Idera 03

THIS series embodies characters of women from the past and present who have given women a voice in political decisions in our countries, opened doors for career disciplines that have been male dominates, stood as a force to be reckoned with, owned lands and properties and led the next generation These are black women that have stood for what is right, fought as leaders and aspired great and remarkable things. #PressForProgress is requesting we take our place as women for the betterment of our daughters and sons. We do not have to wear a cape to be super humans, we are the “doing” women as “ER” implies. These five paintings embodies Queen Amina the fighter, Fumnilayo Kuti the voter, Mae Jemison the explorer, Margaret Ekpo the Leader and Folorunso Alakija the Owner. As a fashion illustrator, I have incorporated present and historic facts with fiction by styling my girls in designer labels creatively directed by women, both Nigerian and International. The series represents different women who cut across the major tribes in Nigeria and beyond.


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