Bared to the world by Yetunde Ogunwumi

Nigerian born Architect, poet Yetunde Ogunwumi (aka Yeti Ogun) employs an extensive visual dictionary of patterns in the creation of her maximalist Portia’s inspired by concepts of organized chaos. Her reconstructions of the human form follow a long tradition of abstraction reconceived by her thorough process. By rich “pattern bible” across these systems (inspired by Yoruba traditional ADIRE , Art Deco, geometric forms. And nature), she produces unique scape at once diverse and he methodical. Self-taught, she began her present line of experimentation to counter her over-reliance on digital art.

Yetunde Ogunwumi 01


“Etches in Ink” modulates a rich tapestry of geometries to activate the female form. The subjects are women, bared to the world, comfortable in the stories their bodies tell. Queen Depart dark ages O kindred souls, with sunrise And claim your birthright Woman Not molded in shame Why hide Now, the glorious Landscape, that is you? Evolve Triptych Soul soaring above Take in sun’s splendid glow And shed your aged skin

Yetunde Ogunwumi 02



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