Was I Beautiful enough? Blessing Oloye’s in her eyes series

Blessing Oloye  Is a self-taught , relief sculpture artist. Life struggles influences most of her works, the joys, the struggle and the mixed emotions are translated into works Is of art. Over the years she has worked as a commissioned artist. – for. Oil paintings to base and high relief, using the eye as a major point of communication. Blessing uses the positive and negative attributes of colour in her work to subliminally to send messages. Her predominant colours are brown and white and sometimes a touch of rose red and yellow.

Blessing Oloye.jpgBlessing Oloye.jpg

My work explores the issue of status; personal, culture and Societal values as it affects 4th e female gender. how the ideals, belief and social behavior of wine. In society have tremendously improved over time. the life cycle of a woman is a thin fine line. She must be deliberate in accessing her true self and making meaningful connections for excellent accomplishments. When it all started, I never thought it Could be me, I was confused, I was uncertain Was I Beautiful enough? Or Intelligent enough Suddenly, I realize the journey is not about Becoming anything, but it’s about unbecoming Everything that isn’t really, do I can be who I am meant to be in the forest place Oh I was so hard on myself So I sat back and took a moment to marvel at my life At the grief that softened me At the heart ache that wise-ned me At the suffering that strengthened me, Despite Everything, I still grow and I am becoming who I am meant to become.


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