Nigeria tells her story to the French in a 2-day Art exhibition

‘NCAE’ is an exciting 2-day cultural exhibition scheduled to take place in Paris from Friday 18th to Saturday 19th May, 2018 at Le Pavilion Dauphine Saint Clair and proudly curated by the Embassy of Nigeria in France. The Nigerian Creative Arts Exchange is a celebration of Nigeria’s best in culture through the eyes of its fashion, art, cuisine, drama and film.


This groundbreaking cultural exchange platform is a concept of the Embassy of Nigeria in France and will present a strong experiential means to push the boundaries of traditional economic activities via culture and education as well as promote socio-cultural cooperation between both countries.

Get ready to see your favorite icons and industry leaders as they represent the best of Nigerian culture on the global stage. Watch this space for all the latest details!


For more information, visit or follow @cre8iveartxchangeng on Instagram & Facebook @cre8iveartxchangeng


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