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Kelenna Ogboso talks about capturing unique, real-life experiences.

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Kelenna Ogboso is a documentary and lifestyle photographer living in Lagos, born to bi-ethnic family of the Igbo and Yoruba tribe , he spent his elementary and high school years in Lagos before proceeding to Babcock University, Ogun State to major in Computer Information Systems.

His interests include various forms of art relating to music, literature, as well as social psychology in the African context.

We spoke to Kelenna about his work.

What or who got you interested in photography?

I got inspired by a woman called Mrs.Obayuwana, I would always see her with her rolls of film and her manual camera, it all seemed so cool and I wanted to learn how she did it, so I got my mom to get me a camera for my tenth birthday. It was a manual Fujifilm camera; I don’t remember the exact model.


Would you say you have a distinct style of photography?

Yes I do. My photography is a by-product of my experiences and the times we live in. I believe this gives me a unique viewpoint, as no two individuals can have the same exact experiences.

How much would you say you research your models before photographing them?

On models, I don’t really research so much because I’d rather research on the environment and try to find out things like ambient lighting and other technicalities. I am inspired by the moments during the shoot and the vibes of the models, as I tend to feed off the energy of the shoot.IMG_1487

About your favourite shoot, what was the experience like?

So far, my favourite shoot has been with Ms.Keturah King. I really didn’t know what to expect as I had a very limited time to set it up. It was remarkable how down to earth, friendly and professional she was before and during the shoot.

Tell us a bit about event photography?

The aspect of event photography that fascinates me the most is the opportunity to capture the general emotion during performances and how the performer is able to connect with the crowd. So far, my favourite performance has been of J Cole at the Castle Lite show.


Do you have a small everyday pocket camera?

Yes I do, I have a Nikon point and shoot camera that always comes in handy.


Is there something you know now that you wish you knew before getting into photography?


Not really, I believe that no one has all the answers to everything, so I try to approach the next step with an open mind, as I am aware that failures are a part of the learning curve. Basically, I am actively in search of my mistakes. But yeah, patience is key.


Do you still find photography challenging?

Yes I do. I suppose there has to be an element of challenge or uncertainty as it keeps it interesting. There’s a thrill you get when you’re able to overcome what is in front of you. It helps the process of self-validation.


What platforms can we reach you on?

Instagram: @kelennaogboso

Twitter: @kelennaogboso

E-mail: kelennaogboso@gmail.com


Kelenna quote if you may….

Always put yourself out there, the world needs to experience your story, creativity takes courage (Matisse).



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