The Back Benchers

D-Truce and TylerRiddim are two childhood friends with stories to tell as they come together to create a unique blend of Afro-fusion and Hip Hop, on this 5 song EP produced by DJ Xtreme and Jay Blakez.

The duo draw inspiration from their home town; Isolo, weaving joint experiences from their school “Effortswill Academy” which they lived through in over 10 years of sitting next to each other at the back of every class they were in.


Download and stream here >>


All songs produced, mixed and mastered by David “DJ Xtreme” Umaru. Excluding “Commit” produced by Justice “Jay Blakez” Amadichukwu.

All songs are composed, co-produced and A&R’d by Chukwuebuka “D-Truce” Anyasie and Taiwo “TylerRiddim” Oladimeji.

Art work by @ToheebPFG

Photography by LifeOfDewa

Copyright of The Lucid Company and Mokanla11 respectively.

follow D-Truce and TylerRiddim on social media

Twitter: @dusten_truce @tylerriddim
instagram: @dustentruce @tylerriddim


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