Art Poetry Short

A VISUAL Short – The look elsewhere

I’ve been here for a while now, I know how it all works, and I know how it will end. Will I be okay if I try to get out? Will I make it if I try to leave it? I have the power to escape and start over but I want to be helped, I love to be helped. I’m like a powerful goddess in a helpless situation. Can you hear my call, will you look my way and rescue me?

Photo by Mwangi Gatheca

Can you help me leave fast and into the dark? There is a sadness I cannot live with, is there anyone out there listening to my cry, and is there not one person that can hear me? I need someone to help me hold all these sadness I can’t live with. Till death do us part was the last thing you said to me, I had never seen you so happy before, till the day you hit me.

How did we get here? Now that we are here, there is no looking back and no turning away. The only solution that seems right is the look. The look elsewhere.

The hope for something I’m afraid of getting!


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