Nigerian Brand ‘Afrominima’ Is Inspired By Japanese And Scandinavian Aesthetics

Afrominima was birthed at the ‘Creative Enterprise Development Program’ facilitated by The British Council, The Lagos Business School and CIDA UK. The homeware brand which has a lifestyle and flavour to its stock was created by Nigerian designer and entrepreneur, Olubunmi Adeyemi.

The homeware includes wooden spoons and platters, spice bowls, mortar and pestle sets, and others; the design and packaging draws attention to a deep sense for simple spaces and objects.

Influenced by everyday culture, everyday functional objects and innovative use of space, these minimalist designs are in motion to start ‘the minimalist movement’.

Africa is a dynamic land and I am heavily influenced and inspired by our culture but I also believe in moving us forward to the future through design.


The designs which are heavily inspired by culture and cultural practices, Adeyemi sees Afrominima as more than a brand and though most wouldn’t immediately associate the concept of minimalism with Africa, Adeyemi cites Nigerian languages as just one example of its prevalence.

“My tribe, which is YORUBA, is a popular culture in Nigeria… Our language is very expressive with the use of minimalist words to describe things. For example ‘ORI’ which means ‘head’: this simple word can be used to express so many explanations.”



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