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A Couple of Things #019: Questioning

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Letter #019: Questioning
Hello Jide,
How are you doing today! This week’s newsletter is late because every time I tried to write something I ended up at the health scare I had last weekend. But my head is clearer now and I can write about something else.

I’ve spent the past few weeks watching lots of Netflix. I finished Sex Education and BoJack Horseman and I’m now watching Grace & Frankie.
I’ve been thinking about work and how do you get your “big break.”

There’s an argument for quality. For example, I should write an article a month so that I can give it the most so it’s the best quality. Some will argue, just write everyday. Quantity over quality, and within the quantity, you’ll find quality. Or as Jonah Lehrer put it: more shit , more sticks. All the greats probably created a shit ton of rubbish and had thousands of nonsense ideas for the two or three big ideas/creations to shine through.

I think I’m somewhere in the middle. If I reduced this to one newsletter a month, I could properly develop my thoughts around each “thing” I want to talk about. I could read more articles, listen to more podcasts, watch more videos to expand my viewpoint and write a robust entry on the “thing”. During the month, I could write crap notes on everything I’m reading and maybe practicing and consolidate everything into a well written, engaging, quality newsletter for you.

Or I could rush through something one weekend without fully developing my thoughts and then keep thinking about something I could have added to the newsletter. Or maybe this is me just making excuses for why I can’t think of what to write every fortnight.

One thing writing this newsletter has done is make me more observant about what is happening both in my life and in the world around me. 

When I watch movies or shows, I’m watching intently and thinking about what perspective does this bring into my world. Does this fit into the newsletter? Is this something people want to read about? Can other people relate to this? Same for when I’m listening to podcasts or reading articles (I want to say books but I haven’t read a book in a bit).

I wonder if this is making me enjoy things less than I would because I am not really focused on the thing itself but on what “lessons” I can pull out from it and discuss with you. 

It all feels a bit overwhelming and like my whole life has become some type of thing where I have and ask questions about everything. I’m asking existential questions about random things that happen and wondering about perspective and how our experiences influence that.

Just a few days ago, people on my timeline were talking about salaries and salary expectations and I was wondering about how much of what we’re exposed to influences what we believe about how much we’re worth to a job.

Some people think that 150,000 is a lot of money for an entry level role. Others think that that’s more appropriate for an intern with no experience. I wonder how much of that is linked to what people think is possible.

It also makes me think about why passion when it comes to your job is a weird thing to fixate on (which I kind of covered in a previous newsletter). I think that passion develops because you do the work and not vice versa. Or it could be both. Everything you think and know is limited by everything you know. You can’t know outside of your experiences (be that lived experiences or vicarious experiences). 

It also got me started on how we disbelieve stories people tell on Twitter because they don’t match our own realities. Obviously, there are people who lie on social media, however, this doesn’t mean that every experience that you don’t relate with is a lie. 

Zikoko’s Naira Life series is a great reminder of that. When you see stories of 24-year-olds earning over 1 million a month and 50-year-olds struggling to get by on a fraction of that, you see that realities are different.

I guess the point of all this is to be open-minded, question everything, but remember that nobody’s reality is the same.
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