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A VISUAL Short – Intersex

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I had woken up with only one thought: enjoy this day! It was a new year, a new school and obviously a new life, I’d said to myself that I wouldn’t allow anyone get in the way of my happiness. As I prepared to leave, I said my prayers just as I opened my door “Lord bless my day and heal the world” I’d started enjoying every bit of the morning, the chilled wind and the people I saw (there’s something refreshing about meeting strangers), everything was going great till it was time to register for my classes. The form had just two options, “tick here if you are male, and tick here if you are female” something about this ruined my day. As I stood in front of the registrar, the queue was building up but I didn’t care. I looked at her and she smiled at me and said “just pick one” Why do I have to pick one, I see myself as both, I do not conform to the typical male lifestyle or the typical female lifestyle. I am fluid and I can be both. Why do I have to choose who to be?

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