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VS50 – Nnamdi Nwoha

Nnamdi Nwoha (a.k.a. Drofu), is a Nigerian artist, painter and designer who focuses on urban culture and lifestyle Lagos. His style of art can best



Why do you tell me that it gets better? Why do you say that I’ll be fine? Has it ever happened to you? You wouldn’t


A VISUAL Short – Intersex

I had woken up with only one thought: enjoy this day! It was a new year, a new school and obviously a new life, I’d


VS50 – Awele Emili

Awele is a young Nigerian graphic artiste and illustrator. She is well known for her illustration on the lives of everyday Nigerians. She has always


VS50 – Babawande Thomas

Babawande Thomas is a content creator and a producer and produces various types of content, from music videos to documentaries to corporate campaigns. He is


A VISUAL Short – 'Anything will be beautiful'

If there is one thing I know, it’s the beauty I have found in the faces of the people I have come to see daily, strangers that walk pass me every day, little details I grasp from looking at them and smelling the air that follows them. These are the beautiful things of life.


VS50 – Santi

Santi is an alternative rapper/singer from Nigeria who combines a blend of different genres of music to produce his own personal unique style. He grew


VS50 – Baingor Joiner

Baingor Joiner is a self-named ‘creative consultant’ with truly diverse interests. He is a self-taught photographer and is well known for his sense of whimsy


How to Quit Social Media

Unfortunately, social networking sites can be a waste of time if you don’t monitor how much time you spend on them. Millions of people spend

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