#HowtoLagos for Lagos Biennial

The Lagos Biennial was founded in 2017 as a not-for-profit contemporary art platform under the Àkéte Art Foundation

The Venice Biennial is the largest art event in the modern world. Satellite events are held all over the world typically every two years and Lagos has been no exception.

 In slight contrast to its debut event, Akete Art Foundation, producer of the modern contemporary event decided its approach would delve further into explorations of modern cities, dwelling and behaviour. They came up with the theme ‘How to build a lagoon with just a bottle of wine?’ and consulted with Visual to create a communication strategy and graphic design for the brand.After over 4 months of intense planning, sleepless nights and not enough coffee, the month long series of events eventually rolled out. With targeted messaging on different print and social media. The campaign received critical acclaim and thousands of visitors strolled in to experience the gallery spaces.