Daniel Obasi Brings ‘Afrofuturism’ To Odunsi’s ‘Star Signs’ Video

A few weeks ago, Odunsi released the video for his epic Runtown assisted bop, “star signs”. A video that literally recreated a typical owambe, the unforgettable highlights from the video are the dashing and alluring garments and exotic accessories that accompanied it; Birthed by visual artist, Daniel Obasi.

Obasi has always experimented with almost everything that eventually turned out to be exponentially amazing and his styling for ‘Star Signs’ was no different.  

With the help of Roosevelt Amase, Laura Ugbegbe and Nezodo Anaemeka, Obasi’s predictions to be the brain behind the styling for the epic bop came to pass, as he led the styling team through measuring models, pulling clothes and accessories, drawing up mood boards and custom-making over 30 different outfits.

Given the captivating looks, the team was miraculously able to pull off in just two short weeks. With a challenge to bring an Owanbe setting to a song he least saw in that light, The young creative expressed shock by the direction the team was heading.

It’s never easy to translate the concept of star signs and space into a Nigerian owambe party without looking cliche or even messy. 

With a lot of research and hard work, he was able to come up with the idea of ‘Afrofuturism’ incorporating star signs to every piece of clothing and accessory worn on set.

I wanted the styling to feel like an Afro-Astro party in another dimension or alternate universe, one that appreciated people for being their individual selves. A party where you are allowed to express who you are as a misfit without being judged

Daniel Obasi

In his styling for ‘Star Signs’, every accessory had a story to tell, a meaning to express and a point to make; A thing we can clearly see from the clothing and accessories segmented for different models on set.

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