Explore Munachi Osegbu's Afrofuturistic cultural aesthetic

Munachi Osegbu is a 23-year-old Nigerian-American fashion photographer & director currently based in New York City and Los Angeles.

He graduated from the photography & imaging program at NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts in 2018. Munachi has discovered himself from a young age, where he found himself experimenting with every visual and performative medium, He Finally settled on photography and digital art when he began teaching himself Photoshop in 2010. He draws inspiration from a one time 2012 issue of W Magazine where he came across an editorial called “Institutional White” by Steven Klein. The images were both disturbing and entrancing to him.

It was in that year when he realized that fashion photography was “its own art form with depth and a lyricism that sheds light to materialism, capitalism, fame, and beauty, and how they can ruin us while simultaneously fulfilling our deepest carnal desires”.

Once he became interested in fashion imaging, he soon discovered the works of Serge Lutens, Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, and David LaChapelle, deepening his love for fashion.

Munachi strives to create an almost folkloric, suspended reality in all of his images, crafting stories from his own fears and desires that can be manifested freely to an almost obnoxious extent.

His work has been displayed in the Louvre Museum and was apart of a traveling exhibition for Scholastic Art and Writing. At 23, he has shot for clients such as Converse, Nike, WWD, Refinery29, Oyster Magazine, Hunger Magazine, Dazed Beauty, NICOPANDA, Epic Records, 300 Entertainment, Galore Magazine, The Standard Hotels, and more.

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