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Here’s All The Tea For The Remake Of Nollywood Classic ‘Nneka The Pretty Serpent’

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Nollywood producer, Charles Okpaleke is on a mission to reconnect old and new Nollywood by bringing back some of our favorite classics. Following the success of Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, the producer is set to remake 1992 film, Nneka The Pretty Serpent.

The story follows Nneka, a mermaid disguised as a human, whose mission on earth was to destroy promiscuous married men. The movie was produced by Okechukwu Ogunjiofor and directed by Zeb Ejiro in 1992.

The 28-year later remake is slated for release later this year and here is what we know about it so far:

Who’s Producing The Film?

Charles Okpaleke: Nneka the Pretty Serpent
Charles Okpaleke

Charles Okpaleke, the executive producer of the film, took to his Instagram to announce the producers of this highly-anticipated remake. Chinenye Esuene, Ramsey Nouah, and Chris Odeh are set to be the co-producers while Queen Martins is the Associate Producer.

Who’s Directing the Film?

Tosin Igho: Nneka the Pretty Serpent
Tosin Igho

As we know, the director of a film can make or mar its outcome. Luckily, this film is left in the capable hands of Tosin Igho. Tosin directed previous critically acclaimed films such as Seven and The Eve.

Who’s Writing The Film?

Nneka the Pretty Serpent call for writers
Nneka the Pretty Serpent Call for Writers

The official writer has not been announced yet but what we do know is that there was a call for scriptwriters earlier this year. Perhaps this will be the time for an unknown scriptwriter to get the spotlight.

Who’s Playing Nneka?

Auditions for Nneka the Pretty Serpent
Nneka the Pretty Serpent Auditions

The million-dollar question. The studio has not announced who will star in the lead role yet. However, we do know that auditions for the role of Nneka kicked off in March in Lagos, Owerri, and Abuja.

When Will the Film be Released?

Nneka the Pretty Serpent
Nneka the Pretty Serpent

The film is set to be released in December 2020. We don’t know if the current pandemic will affect the production and subsequent release of the film but fingers crossed.

What’s The Soundtrack Going to Be Like?

Soundtrack for Nneka the Pretty Serpent

Play Network Studios is working with Nigerian musician, Larry Gaga to create a soundtrack for the film. Charles has already shared a snippet of the soundtrack and it sounds amazing.

What Should We Be Expecting?

If Living in Bondage is any indication, this film is in more than capable hands. We expect to see amazing visuals, improved editing, and technicalities.

Are you excited about this remake?

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