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Here’s Our Take on Sugar Rush

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Sugar Rush was released in cinemas in December 2019. It’s a story of three girls who stumble upon $800,000 but are thrown into danger when different people, claiming to own the money, come for them. The movie was briefly pulled from cinemas and many speculated it was because of their negative portrayal of the EFCC (which by the way, was unnecessary and didn’t add much to the film).

However, Executive Director of NFVCB, Adedayo Thomas, said the movie was pulled because temporary approval given for the movie exhibition had expired.

The film was recently released on Netflix and we decided to see what all the fuss was about. Here’s our take on Jade Osiberu and Kayode Kasum’s film, Sugar Rush.

This movie is two hours long for some reason.

Bisola Aiyeola on Sugar Rush
Bisola Aiyeola as Bola Sugar on Sugar Rush

One of the reasons being that characters spend five minutes painting a shoe red to create fake Louboutins.

We still don’t know who made this Compound V and what exactly it does.

Adesua Etomi Sugar Rush
Adesua Etomi as Susie Sugar on Sugar Rush

We just know it will make the Chief feel “youthful” (whatever that means) and Susie is holding it up like it’s the cure to Covid-19 so it must be important.

How does this man stay rich?

Jide Kosoko on Sugar Rush
Jide Kosoko as Chief Douglas on Sugar Rush

This man has just been scammed twice by two amateurs under two minutes. How does he manage to stay rich if he’s so naive? Also, this rich man hands out invitations to his home to strangers he just met that day. Does he not know kidnappers exist?

The Invisible sister.

Bimbo Ademoye
Bimbo Ademoye as Sola Sugar on Sugar Rush

Nearly thirty minutes in and the third sister has contributed nothing to the film so far. You already know this film would have done fine with just two sisters.

Who’s this one again?

Tobi Bakare Sugar Rush
Tobi Bakare as Andy on Sugar Rush

We’ve been introduced to way too many characters already, we can’t keep up with what is happening,

Oh look, it’s this guy again. Can you guess what role he will be playing?

Williams Uchemba
Williams Uchemba as Obum on Sugar Rush

Yep, the comedic sidekick.

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This was quite a convenient assassination.

Sugar Rush
Susie and Bola stumble upon the money. Again, the third sister is irrelevant to the story.

So, we’re supposed to believe that someone had the chief assassinated because of nearly a million dollars and get this, the person ended up not taking the money but just left it lying around in plain sight?

“No extravagant spending,” they said.

Finally, the third sister joins them to spend the money. Guess she’s useful after all.

Another reason why Sugar Rush is so long is this ten minute (yes, ten whole minutes) montage of them celebrating their newfound wealth.

The night is long and full of continuity errors.

Mawuli Gavor Sugar Rush
Obum and Dan (Played by Mawuli Gavor) during their stakeout which forgot the concept of time.

So these girls found the money, bought a house, went shopping, made plans to relocate to the UK, but these guys were still stuck on the night they found the money.

How can we root for characters who are this foolish?

Sugar Rush
Of course the third sister organized the party.

I know these ladies aren’t throwing a lavish party after they just saw on the news that EFCC is looking for the money they stole. It’s like they want to be caught.

No lawyers in the Sugar Rush universe? All that money and they didn’t think to hire one.

Sugar Rush
Only two sisters talk during this interrogation and I think you already know which ones.

Yet another character has been introduced so late into the movie and we’re supposed to fear him.

Is that an evangelist’s hat?

Nothing to see here.

Just Sugar Rush hinting at a connection between these two and then doing nothing with it.

It always goes down in an elaborate party.

Sugar Rush party

It always ends in some elaborate scheme at a party. Accurate, considering how much Lagosians love to party.

A magic car????

Are we a joke to these people?

Did they just introduce magic in the third act when there was no setup whatsoever?

So Anikulapo gives this instruction at night….

Banky W Sugar Rush
Banky W as Anikulapo on Sugar Rush

And for some reason, they waited till day time to carry it out?

Sugar Rush is a fun, colorful, film with one too many unnecessary scenes. It was also clearly rushed plot-wise and editing wise, causing it to come out a huge, ridiculous mess (the third act of this film makes no sense). As far as acting goes, we’d commend Toke Makinwa, Tobi Bakare, Bisola Aiyeola, and Adesua Etomi. The humor delivers some times and falls flat other times and the movie fails to achieve what it set out to do. We’d rate it 5/10.

3.1 rating
3.1 out of 5 stars (based on 39 reviews)

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