Interview with I am ArchLight

Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Yusuf Adesola, 20 years old i reside in Lagos, been drawing ever since i could remember

Where did you get your education? I am still in school, Yaba college of technology i’ll soon be in my final yearWhat made you want to become an illustrator ? how would you describe  what you do? I have always been an illustrator, i like to refer to myself as a designer, i’ve always had this drive to create ever since i was a kid, its almost synonymous to breathing for me, coz i cannot imagine myself not being creative, its this drive to create that puts me out there to do what i do, and to grow at itI’ll describe what i do as designingWhich of your projects has been most important to developing your personal style?That’ll be the donut project (yh i know, cheesy title?) well its an old project that had to do with doodling(i’ve recently deleted it off my ig page), after coming across @ufo_south on my approach to art change, i was able to understand the freedom with art, its all about being free expressing yourself, even when you have to come up with mathematical designs like some logos or something, you still need some freedom this brings about the creativity, its like adding a fragment of your being into a work of art, that’s the sauce of the artworkWhat would be your dream job?A designer??‍♂ you know something like a creative director, if i eventually own a design studio i’ll still like to be the creative director there, i just have an obsession with being a creative director

What has been your favourite job to work on?Favorite job hmmm, it changes from jobs to job, right now that’ll be Midas’ touch, one of recently done works (not on my ig page either i’ll soon post it though) it doesnt have so much details but i 100% loved working on it, think its like my latest turning point, i got motivated by the work ?Do you feel you are still learning whilst working?Yeah, always, i’m always learning, its a never-ending thingWhat is the most important lesson you have learnt ?Keep learning, unlearn and relearn (unlearning unnecessary or toxic info then learn better ones) It applies to art tooWhich graphic illustrators or artists do you admire the most?Artist i admire the mostOjo victor that’ll be @tunde_e on ig my very own pal, always an inspiration and someone to look up toBobby that’ll be @oni_balogun on igVery influential art style, has lot of bright ideas definitely someone to admire and look up to nd a great friend at that@ufo_south on ig, coming accross him was a turning point for me, definitely was a big inspiration to me and he still isThose three first before I begin to mention other artis like @unorthodoxfox on ig@magdiellop on ig@littlepatterns on ig@wataboku__ on ig@stuzor on ig@jins_d_black on ig@cannibal.god on ig (creepy username)I think this is enough, i could go on listing them  foreverHow important is social media to you?  Social media is uber important, i cannot stress how important it is, its serves as a market and also a large source of inspiration, and also a place to meet other artist you can’t get to meet on a normal dayWhat software, plug-ins or templates do you use the most?I use AUTODESK SKETCHBOOK, for illustration and drawing, its my day one app, i’ve always loved it, very simple interface, can be easily underestimated, i started using ADOBE PHOTOSHOP recently, and i just got familiar with ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, i’m still looking forward to expanding the list, would absolutely love to add cinema 4d to it and some othersDigital vs Traditional? Both, the traditional layed foundation for the digital, (in my opinion), they are different sides of the same coin, both are vast in their own world, i say bothWhat are the 3 things you couldn’t live without?-drawing, designing-My gadgets (to be specific, my tab)-plantain (totally synonymous to breathing)Please share your social media profilesFor now its just IG (in which i have deleted almost all posts, i’m gonna be uploading soon, projects by projects that’s the reason for the delete), other profiles, like my behance and twitter, are laying dormant (for now)

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