Interview with the Vunderkind Justin Irabor

Please tell me a little about you?

My name is Irabor. Justin Irabor. I write my thoughts on things as they interest me on I make weekly webcomics on and I am a digital marketer by day.
TheVunderkind 02
Can you describe your drawing routine—how often you draw, how many hour per day—how you break up the day with drawing?
I don’t have a routine yet, unfortunately. I draw whenever the compulsion comes and I have been known to make sketches in random situations – on the porcelain bowl, during office meetings, on the ride home, at the cinema – name a place I’ve been, and I’ve probably made a doodle there. When I start a drawing, I tend to finish it – I don’t split my drawing process into sections of hours and as such all my drawings tend to be done rather quickly.
TheVunderkind 03
How much revision/editing do you do in you work?
All revisions go in my rough sketches. I could do ten or more rough sketches in a 40% opacity blue brush, but as soon as I lay down the line art, I rarely make modifications afterwards. Note: this is not the best practice for an artist: you should always revise even down to your base colors, highlights and shades. When drawing on paper, I make no revisions at all.
TheVunderkind 05

Talk about your process—do you write a script or make up the drawing as you go?

For my webcomics I actually use Celtx to write out my script and make a storyboard before I proceed. If I cannot access Celtx, I draw mockups and dummy speech-text before I begin the actual drawings.

What tools do you use?

Several. Sketchbook pro. Procreate. Adobe Photoshop. GIMP. ArtRage. ArtFlow. Adobe Illustrator. CorelDraw. Celtx. Caption Distraction. Several others I cannot remember right now.
TheVunderkind 06

Do you read a lot of comics?

Nowadays, not that many. Two years ago and beyond? Yes. I am still a massive comicbook fan and you can often find me discussing hypothetical outcomes on Twitter with other comic book nerds. I tend to prefer some of the gritty graphic novels to the more playful comic books, however. Sign of old age, perhaps.
TheVunderkind 07

Do other artforms often seem more attractive to you?

All art forms for me hold merits and strengths in the medium by which they are expressed, so I try to appreciate them for their core components.
TheVunderkind 01

What artwork (or artists) do you like?

Unfortunately, I have not had the luxury of appreciating too many artists. I like the line art (and coloring) of Terry and Rachel Dodson. Stan Obende’s work is quite nice as well. I like Anth_Insecta and the guy who does Mumu Juju – best stuff from Vortex Comics, in my opinion. I like Duro’s art, NerdyAjet’s, Anibrendan, Adxnna and Sebastian Loerscher – famous for Making Friends in Bangalore.
TheVunderkind 08.jpg

Is a community of artists important to you?

Not really, no. Still I can appreciate the appeal.
TheVunderkind 09.jpg

What is more important to you—style or idea?

Both. Depends on the circumstances around the expression.

TheVunderkind 10.jpg

Is drawing a pleasure to you or a pain?

It’s both, depending on whether I am indulging the hobbyist in me or embarking on a paid project 😀

Thanks a lot Vunderkind.  Great talking to you.


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