Interview with visual designer, Toheeb Popoola

As an artist, it’s important to be open to new experiences and try out new things. Always be exploring new ways to express your creativity, and try new things to see if they work to create new pieces of art. It’s important to keep learning throughout your creative career. One artist doing that is Toheeb Popoola, a 3D artist and Visual designer.

Please can you tell me a little about you?

Yes, I’m Toheeb Popoola. I am an experienced Visual designer, 3d animator and product designer. I began my career as an art director / animator in the advertising industry and recently transitioned into product design. With over 8 years of experience in design, I have worked with some of the best creative minds to bring ideas to life. which has earned me some notable awards such as the African cristal, Laif awards, including getting shortlisted for the Loeries awards and the first-ever Luerzer’s grand slam.

As a designer, whose work do you admire? As a designer, I admire a lot of people and organisations works. One of them is Ars Thanea. I like how they take a basic brief and execute it into something extraordinary that when you see it, you’ll think it was one very rich client that commissioned them but in a way that’s why clients reach out to us, they want us to give their brand a lift, they want people to want their product when they see their advert or designs anywhere. Apart from Ars Tha nea, I also admire the works of Yambo studios, Peter tarka and Osbourne macharia.

How do you work with all that’s going on in the country?

Sometimes it’s depressing and sometimes I get inspired by things happening around me. But I always try to get the positives out of whatever is happening

What’s your take on Social Media as influencing art?

Well the world has gone digital, Most people spend their time on their phone or computer these days so it’s almost like another world and a new environment and artists get inspired by the things they see and feel.

What product would you like to design or redesign?

Definitely a Nike Jordan shoe and a puffer jacket.

What creative projects do you do on your own time?

Product animation. 3D product animation and abstract renders.

How do you keep up with the latest creative tools and technologies?

The internet. The internet is a very strong tool and that’s how I see and learn a lot of things.

What tools do you rely on in your day-to-day work?

I use a lot of tools honestly. I use the entire Adobe suite, Maxon cinema4d, Vray, Zbrush.

Describe one of the most challenging projects you’ve ever worked on.

Hmmmm, that’ll be a mouka foam project I worked on where I had to model every single mouka product in 3D, animate them and render them. It took almost forever because I was using a small laptop at that point.

Do you sell any of your artwork? I haven’t sold any but I plan to sell some of my renders.
The future of Art… What’s your take? The future of art will be digital, computer based, when I was working on a NASA project in 2015, there was something we talked about…the internet of things and artificial intelligence. At some point all we will have to do is tell the computer what to create and it will do it.

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