Interview with Yusuff Aina Graffiti Artist

How are you doing right now?
I’m doing great, thanks to God.

Please, give us a brief history of yourself
I am Yusuff Aina Abogunde, a Lagos state based General artist from Abeokuta Ogun state, born and brought up in Aguda Surulere Lagos state Nigeria, also lived in Ikorodu, Lagos between 2011-2016 for Senior High School. I’m number two of four children of my parents.
I did my primary education at KEMIESTHER PRIMARY SCHOOL at Aguda Surulere and High School at PENNY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, The Saints International School for Senior secondary school between 2008-2014.
Currently I’m having my Higher institution PROGRAM (NCE) In Fine And Applied Arts Education at Federal COLLEGE OF EDUCATION TECH AKOKA YABA Lagos between 2016-2018.

Yusuff Aina a.jpg

When did you begin doing graffiti?
I’m an artist who do several kinds of art, basically General Art, DRAWING PAINTING GRAPHICS FASHION ILLUSTRATION ABSTRACT ART, SCULPTURE LETTER DESIGNS GRAFFITI, but I started GRAFFITI 2015. I started on Paper then was asked to come do some on the wall for a music video as at 2016 ,it was a stepping stone which gave me the feeling I can do more and better.
I was inspired through the internet social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram especially, I go through art pages study the aesthetic creation and ideas in their creations, and it inspired me a lot , in addition, my mates do stuff which I found interesting so I thought through and able to and better.
My normal day is basically Draw(practice) ,watch animation, eat ,browse, sleep but I spend more of my time trying to evolve in my art with the little of my available mediums.

What inspired you at the time?
My style I natural, I call it direct inspiration, it’s created as I apply my mediums depends on what I’m aiming at achieving. What differentiate it from others is that it’s not done through imitation but through creation and innovation, composition from beginning to the outcome, it’s not always a prepared or sketched design before creation (direct inspiration), the use of lines, shapes, colors and the movement of the art itself. It all works around the atmosphere which the art is being done or referred to.
My charcoal drawing and Body art have had the largest impact, through the execution of these aspects I’m able to carry out necessary thing in my life such as running my school bills and daily living. At 2017 January I exhibited at the EKO Art Expo, the celebration of LAGOS @ 50 , it gave room and exposure and made me recognize new things and ideas in art. MY body art creation has the largest impact, publicly and personally, I was able to paint in several classic places on Lagos Island, I was opportune to be a face painter for popular Wale OJO in his KALAKUTA express show, tribute to FELABRATION, also Gtbank fashion weekend and so on in 2017, this also affected me positively being designer and added to my ideas and experience.

Yusuff Aina b.jpg

What is ainaism?
AINAISM, Ainaism is derived from the name AINA, the art of Aina, is a child born with umbilical cord (placenta) around his or her neck. So AINAISM evolves around the struggle and pain the child and mother went through the delivery, extremely painful than normal. It reflects to the society of each individuals in it going through hard times, but should believe in success, just as the AINA Child did, surviving the delivery and enduring. It’s also an art that explains the complete possibilities for every human to achieve good and come out outstanding through faith and hard work, understanding nature and life and knowing life is easy when you don’t focus on worrying instead in achieving the best. So Ainaism is executed through lines creation and movement which i call LINEAR MOTION, it involves the energy and movement of the lines and reflects to reality as the pressure and effect of individual struggle towards their endeavors. The lines are connected to each other which is the journey and obstacles before man both spiritually and physically and the spaces between them are the possibility and breakthrough (success). It’s an art of encouragement and motivation for man not to be distracted and also to be humble.
It evolves all round every child AINA,which I’m a victim, being children of determination and motivation in anything they are aspiring at, being creative and independent, being new and making a difference but faces neglect and ill treatment in the beginning and these is picked by the child as a source of strength.

AINAISM Now is expressed in art through paints, inks charcoal, colors and atmosphere on any surface and areas in life Life Fashion design, bodyart, interior design, graffiti, etc
It’s the art of life, It’s my life.

What kind of music do you relax to?
I expressed in paper until I was advised to try them on body and it was innovative. My body art theme basically is AINAISM, expanciated as BREAKTHROUGH.
Hahaha, Well I was named IFA by a senior of my Meaning ORACLE.
My choice of music ,Well anything goes, but Afrobeat and Raps Hip hop, help my dancing skill.

Yusuff Aina d.jpg

Permanent vs Temporary body art. Why?
Temporary body art, nothing is permanent except death, so our stories should be able to be recreated beautifully, the world evolves everyday. Also my being a Muslim affects it too.

How important is social media to your business?
Social media is of great importance to my business, because it has been and have the greatest impact in what I do both financially and other ways , it has the audience and lovers of what i do.

We love your handpainted clothing. Where can our readers buy them?
Currently my art and productions art not out in massive production in the market, but them directly through me,
Affiliate website

Yusuff Aina e.jpg

What’s your dream job?
My dream job is to be a creative designer IN art and also being able to teach them, to keep the spirit moving from generation to generation, I’m an artist WITH THE AMBITION TO MAKE HISTORY.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten.

Yusuff Aina f.jpg

Any big work or leisure plans for 2018?
well this year 2018 , I’m aiming big, my plans well, basically just evolving ,get recognized and Make art massively.

INSTAGRAM; @yusuff_aina
Twitter; @yusuff_aina
FB Yusuff Aina Abogunde

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