“Life At The Bay” – Survival Stories Of Women At Takwa Bay

Right in the city of Lagos rests an island that ooze of peace and rest. A place of rest, relaxation and enjoyment to most people who want a quick getaway from the hustle of the mega city.

If you are not very familiar with the life and times in Lagos state, you may be quick to conclude that it’s all merry and joyful. Especially if you are living in the places where things seems to be pretty.

Life at the bay is a documentary from filmmaker Nora Awolowo and produced by Kiki Mordi. The film highlights in particular, the lives of women who live in Tarkwa Bay.

The documentary moves off the focus of the fun and fancies surrounding the island. It tells the story of survival and living.

Speaking to popular online magazine producer Kiki Mordi highlighted that the documentary was aimed at focusing on the lives of the women who live to ensure the functionality of the island.

Watch “life At The Bay” Here

<p class="https://www.youtube.com/embed/yvQ6oekZWsg“>

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