Meet the Creators – Adetutu Olbusay on Owning Her Craft

Every now and again we ask young creatives redefining culture about their take on various issues because we believe our opinions shape the future. 

My name is Adetutu OJ and apart from being a model with tribal marks, I’m also a Tambour Beading Artist. Tambour Beading is a Haute Couture way of beading on fabrics mostly use by Couture houses and seen on the fashion runway.I became a Tambour Beading Artist by chance because I went for an interview as an office assistant in a fashion house here in Lagos but was not taken because the fashion designer said her customers will look down on me because of my tribal marks thinking I’m uneducated.So she offered to teach me the skill and I took up the offer because I have a child to feed and other responsibilities. I worked with several fashion houses with the skill as an in house bead embellishments artist. Then in 2014, I started teaching the skill because it’s a rare and not so known skill in Nigeria. Fashion designers in Nigeria go get it done in Dubai or India.I have taught over 3500 people so far both physical classes and online classes. I still take classes and don’t let modeling take my skills away. I own my craft as a Tambour Beading Artist based in Lagos Nigeria and when you search my school name, Eleven Paz, You see my works. Consistency and passion for my craft got me where I am today.

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