Nadine Ibrahim’s Short Film ‘I am Not Corrupt’ Tackles Political Injustices

When it comes to being pensive about social topics in every form you can imagine, Nadine Ibrahim is no stranger to the stage. An effort that can clearly be seen in her previous works; Short films like  Tolu and Through Her Eyes.

Her latest effort, I Am Not Corrupt, is no different, as she skilfully tackles the political climate of Nigeria. In the movie, we are welcomed with dialogue between Mofe Duncan (The Washerman) and Rita Edwards (The Lost Heir), as they both talk about a politician and a market merchant, who both take turns accusing each other of contributing to the country’s current ills. 

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The politician delivers a very compelling speech about how he is not corrupt, but an unfortunate product of a broken system. He says that the average Nigerian is difficult to govern, explaining that they make life hard for themselves and expect politicians to magically sort them out. 

It was recently revealed that 98 million Nigerians are living in multidimensional poverty, a condition many fear will only get worse — films like this are essential tools for starting up a dialogue, so we can continue to hold those in power accountable for their actions. 

You can watch I Am Not Corrupt right here: 

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