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Nollywood Tropes We Are Done With: The Bad Boy

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You see one Nollywood bad boy in a film and you’ve seen them all. They all seem to follow the same format, talk the same, and even have the same goals. Here are some popular tropes used to portray Nollywood bad boys.

The drive exotic cars.

Charles Okocha - Nollywood bad boys
Charles Okocha

Did you expect to see Nollywood bad boys inside Danfo?

They have a foreign accent.

Francis Odega
Francis Odega

Are they really Nollywood bad boys if they aren’t speaking “spre spre” English?

They wear sunglasses.

Jim Iyke - Nollywood bad boy
Jim Iyke

Come rain, come sun, come hail, a Nollywood bad boy is never dressed without a pair of sunglasses.

They just came back from “abroad.”

Charles Okocha
Charles Okocha

We’d like to think this explains the foreign accent but sometimes these bad boys come back from the UK with an American accent. A bit strange, innit?

They’re only after one thing: the pretty and naive girl in the village.

Ini Edo
Ini Edo

Goals? Dreams? They have none but the prettiest girl in the village, the washes clothes, and cooks with firewood? That’s who they want.

They have a vice.

Ramsey nouah - Nollywood bad boy
Ramsey Nouah

It could be smoking, drug addiction or they’re flat out robbers.

If they’re robbers, you already know where they’ll hang out.

Chilling spot for Nollywood bad boys
Chilling spot for Nollywood bad boys

Well duh, we all know incomplete buildings were made for them.

They are usually playboys.

Nothing says Nollywood bad boys like dating more than one woman at once. Oh, so bad.

But fear not, they’ll change for the right woman.

Ramsey Nouah
Ramsey Nouah

They can be horrible to all the women out there but then the right woman comes along and “changes them” like a rehabilitation center.

What other tropes are common among Nollywood bad boys?

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