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Nollywood Movie Tropes We Are Done With: Ridiculous Movie Titles

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When it comes to movie titles, Nollywood has a distinct way of choosing theirs. The movie title usually gives a hint (if not the whole idea) of the plot. However, ever so often, some movies rise with titles so ridiculous that we are forced to compile this list. Below are some movie titles that have left us wondering what the producers were thinking.

Anulika The Smelling Princess

Movie Titles

Honestly, we’re intrigued. We genuinely want to know why this princess is smelling.

Tears for Breast Milk

movie titles

We refuse to believe that Olu Jacobs and John Dumelo were a part of this.

Pant Ritual

Movie titles

What kind of tagline is “your pant or your life?”

Tear My Bra If You Can

movie titles

I beg your pardon?

Mercy Johnsons The Village Carpenter

Mercy Johnson

Talk to us Mercy Johnson. What is really going on?

Ocean of Girls

movie titles

What does this even mean? Is the ocean literally full of girls or what?

Obama Babes

movie titles

Nothing is sacred to Nollywood, not even former presidents.

War in Africa (Messi vs Ronaldo)

movie titles

What is the correlation between Messi, Ronaldo, and a war in Africa?

King Davido

movie titles

Zack Orji, Eucharia Anunobi, Ngozi Ezeonu, why?

The Good Son-in-Law and Wife Material

nollywood movie titles

Why is Ngozi Ezeonu in so many of these?

My Village Curvy Wife

movie title

Enough said.

Which of these movie titles really stood out for you?


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