Osaze Amadasun’s new playing cards are inspired by the ancient Benin Kingdom

If you’re a lover of card games, you should be excited about this! Our popular and favourite lowkey game is having a new kind. Nigerian Photographer and illustrator, Osaze Amadasun, is looking to feature another array of playing cards to the existing ones.

The talented illustrator, whose latest exhibition featured a series of stunning paintings of the ancient Benin kingdom, has yet again unveiled The BINI Playing Cards. That’s right, it’s like whot but only with a more traditional feel.


The BINI Playing Cards consists of 54 cards and features custom court and pip cards, all paying homage to the ancient kingdom of Benin and its classical works of art, Art which date all the way back to the 15th century.

Speaking in a recent interview about what inspired him, Amadasun said:

“I’ve always looked for new ways to represent Benin art asides the classic ‘Benin Bronzes’ everyone is familiar with.
The deck of cards just happens to be one out of a couple of other projects I’m working on centered around the kingdom of Benin.”

Osaze Amadasun

While Amadasun doesn’t think he will be creating any more games inspired by the ancient Benin kingdom anytime soon, he does plan to release other versions of the BINI Playing Cards as time goes on, and we can’t to see them.

You can get a copy of the cards straight from his Instagram page.

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