Photographer Nengi Nelson Captures Lagos Style And Nightlife

If you live in Lagos then you should know that the city never sleeps. On any night of the week in Lagos, you are bound find somewhere to party into the early hours of the day. While Many Nigerians may Iike to think they are conservative people, with religion playing a large role;

Lagos is Africa’s economic capital and home to 21 million people. It’s also a creative hub for the country’s liberal youth and alternative lifestyle.

Everyday in fact seems like a pretty good day to party. But On a Friday, you may find the beach by the Hard Rock Cafe pulsating with electronic Afrobeats. The perfect types of club nights – where it’s all about being yourself – are common across Lagos. Fashion has become one thriving aspect of the Lagos economy, an act of rebellion. Clothing is bold, colourful and skimpy. Gender lines are intentionally blurred.

A lot of people make their own clothes, using the Nightlife parties as a way of advertising their services as stylists and tailors. The parties are cut through the divides of the city, from mainland neighbourhoods to the boogie homes on the island. Details are passed from person to person on Instagram and WhatsApp, creating a grassroots buzz.

The crowd are less uptight as they drown themselves into the heavy rotation of Afro-Beat and Afro Pop songs. One photographer captures these moments – Nengi Nelson.

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