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Rodney Omeokachie takes us on a journey into The Secret life of Beasts

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Animals are often seen as soulless, lesser creatures that exist to hunt, mate and die. This series challenges that notion. Each scene oozes with subtle surrealism.

The animals challenge what it means to be both beast and noble creature. Each animal appears to have personality and mastery over its environment. They appear to be self-aware, in a state of introspection.

These beasts seem to be aware of their existence and their environment. Their relationship with their habitat and with each is evident in each frame and adds to the interest.

The viewer is invited to imagine the stories that are being told in each image. They aren’t just wild animals in this context.

Each image gives the illusion that they could something more. Wildlife photography typically shows animals as they are — as we know and expect them to be.

This project aims to show them as they could be – if only for a moment. Hence, the Secret Life of Beasts.

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