#120orless: Rukayat Yaro on Inspiration

“Trust your process, trust your journey, just take it one step at a time”

In 120 or less, we discuss with creatives, entrepreneurs, and founders, what drives them and how they can inspire and impact others.

Rukayat Yaro is a product designer with experience in designing mobile and web applications. She has proven experience building products for Fintech, Edutech, and the E-Commerce industry. Yaro is passionate about using design to solve human problems and focuses on creating human-centered designs that are modern, effective, and meet business goals and requirements. She also prioritizes accessibility and inclusion to ensure that her solutions are usable by everyone.

Yaro values collaboration and works well with other stakeholders, such as developers, product owners, and product managers. In her free time, she hosts Twitter Spaces where she shares design tips and knowledge. She also has a Medium page where she writes tech-related articles and organizes a monthly design challenge called #DesignWithRooks.

In addition to conducting user research, storytelling, and using typography, layout, and color in visual communication, Yaro is skilled in Design Thinking, wireframing, and prototyping. She is proficient in using design tools such as Figma and Adobe XD. Overall, She is deeply passionate about design and constantly seeks to improve her skills and knowledge in the field.

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