Stories in Images . Interview with Visual Storyteller Akíntòmídé

A Picture is worth a Thousand words . Akintomide is a Visual Artist/ and aspiring Filmmaker , living in Lagos with a unique style of storytelling.
Back in the day
Tell us a bit about your personal life: I am Akintomide Aluko Okanbi. I am a visual artist/filmmaker. I was born in the 80s in Kano state, I grew up in Ibadan, graduated with a degree in Fine and Applied Art from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology… I presently work and live in Lagos. What is visual storytelling? Visual storytelling is simply an act of conveying a narrative (telling a story) through any visual media, which could be drawing/Illustrations, film, photography etc. How did you break into visual storytelling? I didn’t break into it. It has always been a part of my creative process as an artist.
apocalypse (john's revelation)
Tell us about your storytelling style? its not much of a style, just call it a narrative drawing … but I try as much as possible to render what I see in a way it best tells what I try to portray either an emotional state, mood or locale. My style is subjected to change
itinerant peddler
Tell us about a memorable assignment. What did you learn from it? when I worked with a team of dedicated artists on a design project for Ojodu- Berger bridge… it was a great experience, got to meet the governor of Lagos state and we were commended for our efforts.I learned to be consistent in experience is key… What skills do you think are most important for visual storytelling? The art of storytelling
craving 1
What makes a good story, in your opinion. well… It depends on what you intend to address in your narrative. if you do justice to it I suppose your audiences’ feedback would connote if its good or not perhaps not in all cases but it does matter. Are you an aspiring filmmaker? I am an aspiring Filmmaker
What tips do you have for aspiring visual storytellers? Never stop learning and enhancing yourself… to be a good listener and observer.
Tell us about your other interests, hobbies. movies, music and gaming… If you could pick a favorite era in time to live in, which would it be This Present One Check out more on IG   @akin_aluko

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