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Underrated Creative Filmmaking Careers You Can Pursue

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Many people assume that attaining success in a filmmaking career is difficult because when they think of the possible careers, their minds go to acting, directing, and scriptwriting. While those careers are difficult to break into and make a name for yourself, there are some other underrated careers in filmmaking which you can pursue if you’re interested in film making.

Location Manager

underrated filmmaking careers
Photo credit: Adrian Swancar via Unsplash

A location manager is in charge of finding the perfect location for shooting. He/she ensures the film location conveys what is depicted in the script and aligns with the tone of the film. If you want to be a location manager, you do not any hard skills or certifications. However, you would need to charismatic and a good negotiator.

Set Decorator

filmmaking careers
Photo credit: Chris Murray via Unsplash

Similar to the location manager, a set decorator ensures that the set is arranged and ready for a scene. Set decoration is also one of the filmmaking careers which requires no certification or hard skills. However, your knowledge of interior design and your eye for details can come in handy in this career.


Photo credit: Mitch Nielsen via Unsplash

As the name implies, a runner moves around the set, carrying out administrative tasks, ensuring that everything is in place, and assist wherever they are needed. This is usually an entry-level job as you would have to be at the beck and call of many people. However, it is a good way to garner the on-set experience.


Filmmaking careers
Photo credit: Kal Visuals via Unsplash

A gaffer heads the electrical and lighting department and ensures that adequate light is provided for each scene. While having a certificate is not an absolute necessity, knowledge of electrical and lighting equipment is necessary for success in this filmmaking career.

Makeup Artist

filmmaking career
Photo credit: Felipe Galvan via Unsplash

A makeup artist is responsible for ensuring that actors look the way their characters are supposed to look. This entails applying makeup, using special effects and prosthetics to achieve the desired look. Makeup artists spend hours performing one task so if you are a patient person, this could be the film making career for you.

What other film making careers do you think needs more people?

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