View Of My Portfolio with Ayodeji Taiwo.

The idea I’m using as your brand is the word “expression” which is a synonym for art.

It’s about how you select things from the world and reevaluate their understanding, a feeling, what an idea can become to show them this feeling in simple relationships.

 To express it from a view that they feel belonged to. The art is what I used to create the world in a way we can all adapt to it, each is a piece of me, given to you, so you can own and relate to its presence.


 I term myself not a graphic designer, or an art director but a director of expression.

That’s the value in the art, what you have to portray, what the essence is, the attitude of the art, the emotions, the story, what is it , what is its abstraction. That all forms an expression, one that was created with art.

From the Stone Age, the cave paintings that showed what the say; the outlet of expression and showing us their world was art, it’s art, it’s what I call my art.

 An expression, I’m an expressionist.

 Art is relative now, art is everything, it’s not a single form. It’s not one core message, it’s everything. Human beings are art themselves. All that ties it down is the form of expression. I’m an expressionist cause my form is art itself, yes I use graphic designs now, but it’s not a cage to what I can use to create. It’s now the only message I have to share. It’s only one of the forms I use to express.

This is how I see the world, how I direct my world, in forms of what and how I express.

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