Abba Makama

Nigerian award winning filmmaker, painter, writer, director and producer Abba Makama knows how to tell a good story from behind the camera, from a canvas or from the pages of a book. He is an all-round creative and is most recognised for making films which are usually satires, short films or documentaries. He is the founder and creative director of Osiris Film and Entertainment, a digital and traditional media company. He has also directed a feature film released in 2016 – Green White Green – which has been screened in various film festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival, Stockholm International Film Festival and New York African Film Festival. The movie, a satirical look at the history of Nigeria, has won a number of awards both locally and internationally. Other work from Makama include 2010 short film, Direc-toh; Al-Jazeerah documentary, Nollywood: Something from Nothing; Party of Ministers, Quacks and a number of other skits and TV show concepts. In 2016, Makama held his first solo painting exhibition, ‘Hypnagogia’ in Lagos and hosted a second exhibition, ‘Images from the unconscious’ in 2017. His work at the helm of Osiris Film and Entertainment has also given him the opportunity to create digital marketing skits and documentaries for brands like Google, Nigerian Breweries, GT Bank, Blackberry, Hennessey and Ciroc Vodka.

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