Ayanfeoluwa Olarinde Olayemi is a Microbiology student at the University of Lagos and a self-taught artist interested in portraiture, abstract art, sculpture and photography. However, her major interest is scribble art because of her obsession with lines and points in art. Her sources of inspiration are scribble artists from around the world – Erick Centeno, a from Genoa Italy, Vince Low from Kuala Lumpur and Nigerian, Uche Uzorka. In making scribble art, Ayanfe uses different mediums including micro pens, paint, digital pens and sometimes nature sourced mediums like raffic palm. Her unorthodox method of creating art is both playful and intriguing to watch. Every piece of work is created to express her emotions at the time. She has created a number of art series including various works with a common theme such as Gusto, where she celebrates strength and determination through sports.

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