Dandelion Eghosa

Dandelion Egho Eghosa is a 24-year-old photographer whose work gives us a fresh take on the intersection between photography and sexual identity as well as an opportunity to dissect and question stereotypes about various sexual groups in Nigeria. Her work essentially documents progressive periods in the changing social trajectory of gender, sex, sexuality and mental health within communities. Dandelion graduated from Ambrose Ali University, Benin City with honours in Modern Languages in 2014. Her education and subsequent career in freelance photography started soon after graduation. In 2018, she was chosen as 1 of 5 Young Contemporaries by the Rele Arts Foundation. Sponsored by the Rele Art Gallery in Lagos, 5 young and emerging artists are chosen every year and awarded with grants for a joint exhibition of their work. Her art has been widely exhibited and acquired by a number of reputable collections such as the Art House Affordable Art Auction in Lagos – 2018 collection. A number of magazines and journals such as Brittle Paper and Blush have also published her work.

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