Demigosh (a.k.a Ade) is a London-based Dublin-born singer and active band member of both Blackfish Collective and the Indie Band, The Notas. Audiences at a Demigosh show can expect to hear some post apocalyptic vibrations that build up to funky upbeat tempos drawing from afro beats to hip hop to jazz and pop, with airy and lusty vocals. His music draws on both his Nigerian Yoruba roots and Irish upbringing in an afro-futurist pop sound, complimented by immersive electronic troupes and dark undertones. His recent single – ‘Technicolour Flowers’ – is his first solo release. His decision to release music as a solo act has enabled him to dig deeper into his Yoruba roots and create music that embodies all the facets of his life from his Yoruba background to his upbringing in Dublin. His varied inspirations creates a very fresh sound, something not many people have heard before. Demigosh also brings his experience of performing with two different groups and in two different genre to the table. He describes his music as, “Fela Kuti meets Yeezus and Bon Iver with some King Krule and Spooky Black Cadence.”

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