Kenneth Ize

Kenneth Ize is a Lagos-born fashion designer who received his fashion and design diploma from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He has also gained knowledge and experience from diverse fashion houses including internships at Edun and Asher Levine in New York. Kenneth officially launched his self-named line in 2013. His creative process is intrinsically Nigerian, he hand-makes all his fabrics in Nigeria. He travels around Nigeria discovering textile design styles, brings them all together and teaches them to other people in Lagos. So his work depends on a really strong sense of community and communal love of creating clothing. Kenneth Ize has been recognised as a key player during Lagos Fashion and Design Week for 3 consecutive years. He brings his expertise and cross-cultural experiences to the table to produce new art/design forms for the Nigerian fashion and design industry. His love of experimentation and the creation of unique, personalized pieces has been an important addition to Nigeria’s young fashion industry.

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