Lady Donli

Lady Donli (born Zainab Donli) is a Neo-soul artist whose music style weaves in neo-soul, RnB, bits of Hip Hop and a sprinkle of alternative jazz. She is currently putting Nigeria’s unique style of alternative music on the map and becoming increasingly popular among millennial audiences. With her 2016 and 2017 E.P.s – “Wallflower” and “Letters to Her”, Lady Donli is gradually coming into her own – continuously creating her own sound, unashamedly expressing a diverse range of feelings and staying grounded in the her unique poetry style. She grew up on cassette tapes and around family who spent time in the studio. Her exposure to the scene at an early age led to Donli’s professional and laid back persona, both things you can hear in her music. Her voice has a rare mix of sultriness and a tingling resonance and her songs are embedded in a vivid fusion of idealism and abstract storytelling, with topics ranging from love, friendship to depression. She is a massive fan of the eccentric Andre 3000, Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill. With continued global exposure through her international tours and projects such as The Wallflower Experience, Catch a Vibe and The Living Room Tour, Lady Donli is truly becoming a beacon of the new Nigerian Alternative Music movement.

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