Rahima Gambo

Rahima Gambo’s 2015 multimedia project, ‘Education is Forbidden’ documents the impact of insurgency in the north east of Nigeria. Photographer and visual artist Rahima Gambo gives an insider view into social issues around her as she reveals the hidden layers that aren’t usually expressed in media. Gambo’s work has been widely acknowledged and she emerged winner of the Fourth Ward books and photobook award in the 2017. She has had a number of years of professional experience in photography and visual arts. Her academic background is in Journalism, Development Studies and Gender and Social Policy. This background has obviously influenced her storytelling style with visual stories documenting the environment, histories and freedom of local people. Rahima has shown that women’s involvement and participation in the media is vital in telling the world’s story. She is quite involved in supporting this societal need as the co- founder of the International Women’s Media Foundation.

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