VS50 – Jekein Lato-Unah


Jekein is a Lagos state born artist who grew up learning the art of poetry starting at a very young age. She grew up surrounded by art in various forms and in 2014, she joined the art market herself when she began selling her own artwork.

Jekein’s paintings and poetic discipline is targeted at tackling patriarchy in Africa. This is the core theme of her work in whatever form.

She is known primarily for her use of symbols and patterns to create paintings celebrating women and frowning upon society’s marginalization of the female gender.

In 2014 she was recognized by members of her faculty at the University of Lagos where she studied Law. She was also a featured participant and art director for ‘A Day Exhibition’ by Jelili Atiku at the Art House Residency.

The creative industry is a sector that encompasses expressions in art and film to fashion and architecture. It is one of the most rapidly growing sectors globally and social media has allowed creators widen the reach of their message. VS50 merits the achievements of futurists that have inspired us through street culture, film and art and pushed our imagination through design and creative content.


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