VS50 – Mayowa Alabi Damilola

Mayowa Alabi Damilola (a.k.a. Shutabug) is a 23 year old visual artist, graphics designer and illustrator. Mayowa has had three years on hand professional experience in graphics and designing, He was the winner of the European Union/United Nations Women Gender Equality “Picture-it” Comic & Cartoon Competition in 2017.

He is also skilled in cinematography and photography and works as creative lead at the Co-Creation Hub.

He started his art at a very young stage of his life and has created and illustrated some epic content over the years. The thriving artist held his first solo art exhibition in December 2018.

The creative industry is a sector that encompasses expressions in art and film to fashion and architecture. It is one of the most rapidly growing sectors globally and social media has allowed creators widen the reach of their message. VS50 merits the achievements of futurists that have inspired us through street culture, film and art and pushed our imagination through design and creative content.

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