VS50 – Olaseinde Alex-oni

Olaseinde is a Lagos based internet genius and content manager who uses the internet space for his skills and expertise. He is a digital marketer and content genius with an eye for quality content.

Olaseinde is a graduate of Lagos State University where he studied English Literature, he has held many interesting positions and is one of the rising stars of the digital world. Alex-oni also publishes some webinars and digital content on his internet space and has a huge engaging fan base. He is regarded in mainstream Nigeria as a webprenure, as he uses the internet solely for the purpose of engaging people, empowering people and building a steady artistic community.

Olaseinde has been recognised by many local and international platforms for his exclusive contributions to media and his role in empowering young people. He continues to use the internet as a space to reach out to Nigerians, youth and the world at large. Olaseinde has also made some major input into the propagation of arts and its craft across Nigeria.

The creative industry is a sector that encompasses expressions in art and film to fashion and architecture. It is one of the most rapidly growing sectors globally and social media has allowed creators widen the reach of their message. VS50 merits the achievements of futurists that have inspired us through street culture, film and art and pushed our imagination through design and creative content.

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