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Babatunde ‘Papa’ Oyeyemi is a designer and founder/creative director of the androgynous ‘menswear’ brand – Maxivive. He started the brand at age 15 and for the past 11 years has grown the brand to the Maxivive Group of Fashion Brands including Bodun (streetwear), Mxvv (sportswear) and PAL (streetwear/sports).

Oyeyemi is known for his gender fluid and conversation sparking designs. His unique take on fashion has earned him a loyal following of fashion enthusiasts who also do not follow mainstream trends or conform to the traditional idea of how clothing should look. He presents regularly at various fashion events including Lagos Fashion Week, Lagos Fashion & Design Week and South Africa’s Menswear Week.

His ground breaking work has led to a number of changes in the Nigerian fashion industry such as the gradual use of Wet (Rainy)/Dry (Harmattan) instead of Summer/Spring to describe fashion collections in Nigeria as a better mirror of the local weather in the country and how this relates to everyday fashion. He used these terms in 2013 and despite initial criticism from some quarters, the trend is beginning to catch on.

Oyeyemi has an academic background in child and family psychology which he has also cited as an inspiration for his designs in terms of his unique understanding of interpersonal relationships.

The creative industry is a sector that encompasses expressions in art and film to fashion and architecture. It is one of the most rapidly growing sectors globally and social media has allowed creators widen the reach of their message. VS50 merits the achievements of futurists that have inspired us through street culture, film and art and pushed our imagination through design and creative content.

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