WafflesNCream is a skate collective and street wear label. Brought together by their love for BMX culture/clothing and skating, the label’s co-founders came together to create the ‘WAFFLESNCREAM’ community with its central location in Victoria Island, Lagos. It is since become a significant hub for creative young minds in Lagos. This community is made up of like-minded skateboarders, BMX riders, graffitti artists, comic artists, photographers, musicians, graphic designers, video directors and much more who are bound together by their desire to celebrate subcultures and the skating culture in Nigeria on their own terms. In 2018, WNC released their Rainy/Wet collection inspired by the local environment in West Africa rather than the usual Summer/Spring lines which are more suited to Western countries. The line fuses the urban skatewear look with Nigerian cultural designs and references. The last collection – Dry/Harmattan – was featured in the 2017 season. WafflesNCream has long term plans to build the first skating parks and ramps in the country. They have released Nigeria’s first skate edit, ‘JIDE’ and continue to partner with local creatives to showcase the local skater scene.

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