3D Stagers

"Picture, Set, Stage!"
The Challenge
Inspired by 3D animation, this app allows users to pose their rooms in 3D staging to create realistic and accurate digital decorating plans.
Save hours of manual labor by creating ideas for your interior on the go!
Our Services

It is estimated that 80% of homebuyers research their home's interior before making an offer. Additionally, the average family spends around $6,000 on home improvements each year

This app provides a way for realtors to 3D interior design their home, show it to a client and then instantly export the finished product for sale. Additionally, the app offers information about the state of occupancy by giving insights into when a property will be available for sale.

Our goal was to create a prototype for http://3dstagers.com that accurately represented the user experience of using the web app. We used Figma to create the prototype and it took us about two weeks to complete. We tested the prototype with different users and found that it was very accurate.

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