Verifiable Technology

"Simplifying credential verification using blockchain."
The Challenge
Educators and academics require certificates to show their qualifications, but producing them can take hours of research.
The creators of VERIFIABLE have helped many educational institutes create professional documents.
Our Services

Digital certification using blockchain security.

You can imagine that a resume or LinkedIn profile with self-reported credentials can be quite difficult to verify. With academic transcripts, work history, and skill credentials typically being scattered across several institutions and IT systems, it’s a hassle to know what’s real and what’s not.
For example, a high school student might need to submit their transcript copy to various institutions when applying to universities. This transcript would then need to be authenticated and validated every time it is shared and by every one of those institutions to ensure its authenticity. This results in duplication of effort as the credential moves hands from one organization to another. This is where Blockchain comes in.
How Blockchain is helping
Blockchain technology provides data security, credential portability, data privacy, and simplified workflows to this process. By making credentials more secure, every certificate issued can be cryptographically verified as having truly been created by the issuer. Blockchain also marked the credentials more portable as well as private. The credential holder decides which parties to share it with, and what specific fields to disclose. These simplified workflows reduce back-and-forths as well as overall feedback time.
Introducing Verifiable Education, a project I’m working on that uses blockchain technology to enable individuals to easily share their credentials with multiple parties while maintaining privacy.
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