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Despite the simplified elegance of the website, it is not an easy task.  It is necessary to be very precise in order to make the most out of the space and understand how to use it in a way that generates impact.

The website was designed with the client’s individual preferences in mind by using a bold green colour palette. The original logo design, with is displayed prominently on the homepage.

The website design for ECADArchitects is minimalist and distinctive. The header has a very clean and simple look with the logo in the top right and navigation below. is given a subtle fresh start. A single colour palette, which can be utilised in varying degrees throughout the website, helps to create a cohesive branding.

With a simple and elegant design, ECAD Architects employ a bold green for accents that is complementary to the backdrop of the architectural drawings. In order to create more depth and complexity, they break up some of the content with embedded videos.

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