Flour Mills of Nigeria

"Rich History, Bright Future"
The Challenge
FML’s subsidiary, Honeywell Flour Mills, had a goal to create an annual report to showcase their rich history and bright future. They needed a creative design agency to bring the report to life and to create a visually engaging document that would be shared with their stakeholders.
The annual report was a great success and received positive feedback from stakeholders. Our creative design was able to truly capture the spirit of the company and their goals. The report gave a clear and concise overview of the company’s history, current business operations, and future plans. The end result was a visually stunning document that was able to effectively communicate the message of Honeywell Flour Mills’ rich history and bright future.
Our Services

Our design team worked with Honeywell Flour Mills to craft the annual report, with the theme Rich History, Bright Future. We created a visually stimulating and informative document that combined modern elements with timeless design. We used a combination of charts, graphics, and images to illustrate the history and progress of the company. We also included images of their staff and the company's facilities to help give context to the document.

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