"Prosecute the prosecutors. bring our children home"
The Challenge was facing a major challenge. They had a website that was outdated and not reflective of the important work they did. They needed to create a brand identity that was modern, emotive and communicated the message that they were an organization that fought for justice for those who had been wronged. They also needed a website that was intuitive, well-designed and would create an emotional connection between their mission and the people they were trying to reach.
The transformation was a success. The website now has an intuitive design that is more modern, emotive and engaging. The brand refresh has created a cohesive identity that to reinforce the message of justice and fairness. The user experience has been improved and visitors are now more likely to convert into supporters. Through this work, VisualHQ has been able to help create a website that is more effective at communicating their mission and creating an emotional connection with their audience.
Our Services

VisualHQ was able to provide the creative strategy and design skills needed to completely transform the website. We began by conducting a thorough analysis of their existing website, including user testing and competitor analysis. We then created a creative strategy that focused on creating an emotional connection between and their audience. This included incorporating powerful visuals, modern typography and a streamlined user experience. We also created a brand refresh that included a new logo, a more modern colour palette and a cohesive look and feel across all digital platforms.

At least 70 children are unexpectedly separated from their families and placed into the foster care system every single day in California, groomed for a life of child trafficking and even slavery.
The project began with an in-depth research phase. VisualHQ’s team of experienced researchers discussed’s mission and goals with stakeholders in the organization. They also studied the existing website, reviewed user feedback and conducted a competitive analysis to better understand the current state of the website.

The research revealed that the existing website was dated, limited in functionality and had a poor user experience. VisualHQ proposed a new website design that was more modern, user-friendly and intuitive. They also proposed a new brand identity and messaging strategy to better convey the organization’s values and mission.

The team then began the ideation and sketching phase of the project. They sketched out potential website layouts, navigation structures, and feature ideas. They also designed potential logos and brand elements to be used on the website.

Once the sketches and ideas were finalized, the team created prototypes of the website and logo. They tested the prototypes with a small group of users to gain feedback and refine the designs. They also conducted A/B testing to determine which elements worked best.

Finally, the team developed the website and brand elements. They implemented the approved design elements, ensuring that they met the highest standards of web development. They also incorporated the new brand elements into the website and other materials.

The project was a success. VisualHQ was able to create a brand and website design that accurately conveyed’s mission and values. The website was easy to use and had a modern, professional look and feel. The team continues to work with the organization to refine and improve the website as needed.

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